Open Government Partnership – Australia

Contribute to the process

The National Action Plan (NAP) is being developed in collaboration with citizens and stakeholders across Australia. We are engaging community groups, private sector, government agencies and everyday citizens who have expressed an interest in Open Government or the Grand Challenges to get involved.

Over the past year, we have undertaken a number of activities to explore the breadth of Australian views on the spectrum of open government issues.

  • Raising awareness: public meetings were held in four capital cities in late 2015 to raise awareness of Australia’s membership of the Open Government Partnership and the process to develop Australia’s first National Action Plan. Additional awareness raising activities were undertaken through social media, government websites, teleconferences and webinars, and email mailing lists.
  • Seeking ideas: a formal consultation process ran from December 2015 to April 2016 to seek suggestions on potential commitments for the National Action Plan. This included a formal submission process, teleconferences with stakeholders, and a workshop with over 60 participants in April 2016 to help prioritise potential commitments for the Plan. All timeframes for consultation and submissions were published online.
  • Drafting the National Action Plan: an Interim Working Group, comprising equal representation of government officials and non-government members, was established in August 2016 to provide input and help inform the drafting of the National Action Plan, building on earlier consultations.

We are now seeking public submissions on the draft National Action Plan ahead of submitting the Plan to the Open Government Partnership by the end of 2016.