Open Government Partnership – Australia

Preparing the National Action Plan

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) requires broad consultation for the development of member countries' National Action Plans (NAP). This provides the public, civil society, and the private sector with the opportunity to participate in the process, and suggest commitments for governments to undertake.

As described in the consultation process timeline below, the Government will use the prioritised public-suggested commitments to guide the development of a draft NAP. Contributions for the NAP will be considered in the context of what will improve public services and improve management of public resources, as well as what will benefit the public, provide opportunities for business and support innovation in Australia.

We look forward to your contributions to the consultation and public discussions. We encourage you to contribute throughout the process and, as this is a public consultation process, we prefer all contributions to be made publicly for transparency and peer review.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) is the lead Commonwealth agency for developing the Australian Government’s NAP and will coordinate the consultation and resulting program of work. PM&C will work with other agencies across the Australian Public Service and other jurisdictions within Australia to develop the NAP, including public consultation, to support this work. We are keen to have representation and ideas from all parts of society, including civil society, industry, academia, cultural sectors, and from different areas of government in Australia.

You can subscribe to the OGP Au mailing list for updates and news. Alternatively you can get website updates with the OGP Au RSS feed. We will be reporting progress on a regular basis.

Thank you in advance for your contributions, and in helping to shape Australia’s first submission to the OGP.

Structure of the National Action Plan

The OGP advises that a country's NAP should consist of 5-15 recommendations, draw on at least one of the five 'grand challenges' defined by the OGP, and address defined National Action Plan Principles.

Open Government Partnership 'Grand Challenges'

NAPs are developed drawing on at least one of the five 'grand challenges’ defined by the OGP:

  • Improving Public Services - measures that address the full spectrum of citizen services including health, education, criminal justice, water, electricity, telecommunications, and any other relevant service areas by fostering public service improvement or private sector innovation;
  • Increasing Public Integrity - measures that address corruption and public ethics,
    access to information, campaign finance reform, and media and civil society
  • More Effectively Managing Public Resources - measures that address budgets, procurement, natural resources, and foreign assistance;
  • Creating Safer Communities - measures that address public safety, the security
    sector, disaster and crisis response, and environmental threats; and
  • Increasing Corporate Accountability - measures that address corporate
    responsibility on issues such as the environment, anti-corruption, consumer
    protection, and community engagement.

National Action Plan Principles

Each of the commitments made under an NAP must address at least one of the following principles laid out by the OGP, so please consider these when making your contributions.

  • Transparency: Publication of government-held information; proactive or reactive releases of information; mechanisms to strengthen the right to and open access to information.
  • Accountability: The rules, regulations and mechanisms in place that call upon government actors to justify their actions, act upon criticisms or requirements made of them, and accept responsibility for failure to perform with respect to laws or commitments. Ideally these should include the public.
  • Participation: Mobilisation of citizens on government policies or programs to provide input or feedback and make contributions that lead to more responsive, innovative and effective governance.
  • Technology and Innovation: Providing citizens with open access to and capability with technology for greater innovation. To be relevant to OGP, these initiatives must advance government transparency, accountability and/or public participation.