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Our next Open Government National Action Plan

Australia’s second Open Government National Action Plan 2018-20 is due by the end of August, 2018. Find out more about how we engaged with the community to develop concrete commitments to make government more transparent, accountable and engaging .

Open Government Commitment Dashboard

Transparency and accountability in business

1.1 - Protecting whistle-blowers
Current Status: On-track
1.4 - Combating corporate crime
Current Status: On-track

Open data and digital transformation

2.1 - Datasets & innovation
Current Status: On-track
2.2 - Data sharing
Current Status: On-track
2.3 - Government digital transformation
Current Status: Completed but delayed

Access to government information

3.1 - Information management laws
Current Status: On-track
3.2 - Freedom of information
Current Status: Completed

Integrity in the public sector

4.2 - National Integrity Framework
Current Status: Delayed
4.3 - Open contracting
Current Status: Completed

Public participation and engagement

5.1 - Open Government Forum
Current Status: Completed
5.2 - Enhancing public participation
Current Status: On-track