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Consultation Stage 1: Preparation, Framework and History

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
17th November 2015

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global effort to make governments more open and responsive to the changing needs of citizens. To complete membership, the Australian Government will develop a National Action Plan by the end of June 2016 to align with the OGP timeline. This first stage of the public consultation will aim to establish a vision for open government in Australia, defining the structure of the Australian Government National Action Plan and sharing the history of open government in Australia. The second stage of consultation will focus on specific commitments.

How to contribute to this stage of the National Action Plan development

Stage 1 – Preparation, Framework and History (17 November 2015 – 11 December 2015): A very short preparatory stage to get your feedback on a vision, skeleton framework for the Australian NAP Draft and get feedback on the background/history of open government in Australia. We also encourage you to explore the OGP website including some of the actions plans from other governments. This is Australia's first action plan. You can contribute to this stage by:

  • Some live streamed information sessions will be run during stages 1 and 2. Details will be published on this blog in the coming weeks. You can also indicate your interest by joining the OGPau mailing list and ticking the information sessions option, and we'll notify you when they are open for registration.
  • Adding feedback on the vision and framework to the comments below.
  • Adding feedback to the draft Background page comments.
  • Tweeting your thoughts to #ogpau.
  • Please keep specific ideas, actions and contributions to stage 2 as we need to get the framework right first.

See the full consultation timeline on the National Action Plan Consultation page. Please primarily provide your contributions and feedback in the comments below for this stage. Please also find further information About OGP. We look forward to your contributions and your feedback on the contributions of others. Pia Waugh (OGPau National Action Plan Coordinator, PM&C)

Building a Vision for Open Government in Australia

Australia has a long and proud history of open government, as one of the most transparent, accountable and engaged democracies in the world. However, there is always more that can be done. Please contribute your thoughts in the comments below on what a future vision for open government could look like in Australia. We will collate the input into the wiki at the end of this stage. A couple of example is provided to kick things off:

  • Open government in the 21st century needs to translate to digital processes and reporting to improve transparency and accountability.
  • Open government means citizens playing a greater part in policy development.

Building a Framework for the Australian Government National Action Plan

Below is a basic skeleton for an Australian Government National Action Plan. The OGP National Action Plan template is available online and a useful guide though most countries deviate from the guide slightly. No NAPs we have reviewed are identical in structure to the template. Please add your comments on this structure below and let us know what you think. After this stage the wiki will be set up to reflect the skeleton document for detailed input and contributions.

  1. Introduction - an overview of the Australian Government's commitment, the grand challenges addressed in the NAP (improved public services and more effectively managing public resources)
  2. Vision - the vision for open government in Australia, looking forward
  3. NAP Development Process - the process of developing the Australian Government National Action Plan
  4. Open Government Efforts to Date - background of open government in Australia
  5. Overview of commitments - an overview of the commitments, then broken down into individual detail. Each commitment will need to identify which grand challenge they support, and which principles they support (see NAP page on ogpau website for detail)
  6. Conclusion - wrapup of the NAP and how the commitments will be supported

Comments welcome below or direct contributions above.

Efforts to date - a background of open government in Australia

Please add your comments to the draft Background page for any additional efforts to date.