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Consultation Stage 2: Commitments Drafting and Live Event

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
14th December 2015

The second stage of the OGPau public consultation is about starting to flesh out the NAP skeleton document with ideas about possible commitments, success criteria, roles and responsibilities, mechanisms to monitor and track progress, and how we all go about creating a cohesive open government approach for Australia. This feedback will be collated and will feed into a draft NAP. We have consolidated the feedback from Stage 1 including some early ideas for commitments into the publicly available OGPau wiki, where you can work collaboratively with other consultation participants and the national coordinators to develop draft content for the NAP.

How to contribute to this stage of the National Action Plan development

Stage 2 – Commitments Drafting and Live Event (14 December 2015 – 28 February 2016): Please consider what specific actions or commitments could be included in an Australian Government National Action Plan to support greater open government. We also encourage you to explore the OGP website including some of the actions plans from other governments and keep in mind, this is Australia’s first action plan. You can contribute to this stage by:

  • A wiki has been set up according to the feedback from stage 1 for you to contribute draft commitments and other content during this phase and to comment on other commitments proposed. Please contribute at https://ogpau.wikispaces.com/
  • A live streamed event will be held in Canberra in February 2016 to air ideas, discuss and peer review approaches, and collate a body of input to the consultation. Please subscribe to the OGP Au mailing list to indicate your interest in attending. All attendees will have the opportunity to present their idea to the group for discussion. Details about the where and when this forum will take place will be published on this website closer to the date.
  • You can add comments to this Stage 2 Blog post (below).
  • Tweet your thoughts to #ogpau.