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An update from the coordination team, and a reminder to contribute to Stage 2

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
22nd December 2015

I would like to thank  all of the participants that joined us at the Open Government Partnership citizen information sessions held in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne last week.  Your participation, enthusiasm and contribution to the development of the Australian Government’s National Action Plan (the Plan) is greatly appreciated. As a result of the discussions at these face to face information sessions, we have created an email address (ogp@pmc.gov.au) as an additional communication and feedback mechanism for any people or organisations who feel less comfortable contributing to the open sessions or with using the wikispaces.  Please feel free to submit your suggestions to us via this address and you can be assured that, at no time, will a single contribution, suggestion or feedback be directly attributed to a person or an organisation. Additionally, there is now a section on the website where we will be progressively adding answers to frequently asked questions (where we are able to provide them) about the ongoing development of the Plan (https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/faqs/). As we enter the second stage of the consultation process, we would encourage all participants to consider their ideas and begin drafting their suggestions.  Suggestions should meet one or more of the OGP principles of: Transparency; Accountability; Participation; Technology; and/or Innovation.  Submissions should also consider implementation options and potential ways that progress can be measured. There are a wealth of resources located at http://www.opengovpartnership.org/explorer/landing which provide details of the existing commitments developed by other countries in their National Action Plans, as well as a list of Plans that have been through the OGP Independent Review Mechanism. Please see the bottom of this email for more information on how to contribute.

Updates from the coordination team

As Pia mentioned in her pre-recorded address to the live events, she will be finishing work after the Christmas break to commence maternity leave.  As a result, I have asked Toby Bellwood  to take on the role of National Action Plan Coordinator.  Toby will lead the consultation process over the course of the next 6 months.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pia for her tireless dedication to the OGP process she will be greatly missed, but has assured us that she will be keeping an eye from afar. I am also currently recruiting a specialist position to help with the design and delivery of the public consultation aspects of stage 2 (drafting and live events) and Stage 3 (running the Community Prioritisation and Workshop).  Once the outcome of this process is known, Toby will ensure to update everyone. Please continue to submit ideas, raise questions, and keep in touch over the coming weeks.  Whilst the team is taking a well-earned break between Christmas and New Year, all the various channels (website, wiki, blog, twitter and email) will still be open for contributions.  Toby will send out another email in January updating you on the consultation process and providing more details on the events planned for Stages 2 and 3. Helen Owens Principal Advisor, Public Data Policy