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Engagement update - 1st March

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
1st March 2016

OGP engagement update - 1st March by Amelia Loye engage2 It's a great honour to be supporting the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) to engage civil society in Open Government. I have had a wonderful couple of weeks engaging with people and organisations across Australia to raise awareness about the project and encourage input into our National Action Plan. There are some really amazing things happening across our Country and each week I will share what I learn with you in this blog and email update. You have four more weeks to suggest an action for the National Action Plan on Open Government. This new timeline and a draft engagement strategy are now live on the website. I realise I can’t reach everyone across Australia, so my plan is to continue raising awareness and building the capability of stakeholders passionate about the Open Government principles so they can convene conversations and collect input. The strategy is a live document and I would welcome any other suggestions you have for how I might encourage engagement in the development of the Action Plan. You can reach me on phone 0411960585 or by email at amelia@engage2.com.au. Engaging your networks: I have been working with a range of different stakeholders who are now promoting the Open Government Partnership through their newsletters and at events. I am also working with stakeholders who want to host events to workshop potential actions with their industry or networks. If this sounds like you, but we have not been in touch, please give me a call to discuss. You can also connect with others across the globe working on Open Government actions in areas that interest you through the International Open Government Working Groups. Suggest an action and comment on the draft document: The document is being drafted live on the wiki so you can observe and comment on the content. If you would like to discuss your action and workshop your suggestions please get in touch with me directly. I’d love to work with you and connect you to others with similar interests across the Country. What’s happening with your input: I collate all input received and report back weekly to PM&C. This includes discussions by phone and face-to-face meetings, and comments made on blog posts and the wiki, and email submissions. Last week at an Inter-Departmental Committee (IDC) meeting about the Open Government Partnership, PM&C were asked by attendees to share a summary of your input to date. As I compile these reports I will also add key themes raised to the wiki so there is one place for you to see all input to date. Formal submissions received will also be published publicly on the website as they are received. Thank you to those of you who have suggested actions to date. I look forward to hearing from and working with many more of you over the coming weeks. Amelia Loye engage2