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What I'm learning about Open Gov in Australia

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11th March 2016

I’ve really enjoyed meeting with the teams responsible for Open Government initiatives inside Government across Australia. I have talked at length or met with representatives from QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and WA Government’s but I am still trying to find the best contacts in Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Please get in touch, or put me in touch with anyone interested if you know anyone there. Below is a summary of what I have discovered about how Open Government is being delivered in State Government and some of the initiatives being delivered within Australia as part of the international and National Open Government movement. I will add to this as I continue to engage.

  • Open Gov in NSW:
    • Where to go for updates: https://www.opengov.nsw.gov.au/main
    • ICT Strategy and Open Gov: https://www.finance.nsw.gov.au/ict/
    • Open Data portal: http://data.nsw.gov.au/
    • NSW Government Data Analytics Centre (DAC) have been working with data analysts from University of Technology to generate insights from Government data: https://www.finance.nsw.gov.au/nsw-data-analytics-centre
    • Have your say: http://www.haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/consultations/search
    • Service NSW have been coordinating service delivery across NSW: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/
    • Establishment of the NSW Customer Dashboard - The NSW Customer Dashboard is a digital tool for government to measure and report on performance from a customer perspective. It promotes a culture of accountability by providing a single snapshot of real time data across NSW Government.
    • Publish open government plans to showcase open government initiatives NSW Government agencies will publish open government plans which report progress on implementing the principles of transparency, collaboration, participation and innovation.
    • Update of the NSW Government Social Media Policy to accelerate community engagement through social media channels. This policy contains guiding principles to support agencies to use social media in a way that is open, collaborative, responsible, reliable and appropriate. The policy will be updated in 2016 to ensure currency and include guidance on analytics and other tools.
    • Publish a forward release schedule for open data. Open data promotes a transparent and accountable government. To accelerate progress on open data, NSW government agencies will publish a forward release schedule of priority data. The forward release schedule will facilitate greater public interaction with government data.
    • Update the NSW Government Open Data Policy. This policy will be updated in 2016 to accelerate the release of data, and prioritise data released in more open formats. This policy was released on 26/4/16.
    • NSW Government have developed a platform to support Jury Management, which is now being used in two other Australian States through an Memorandum or Understanding, this sharing of services is now generating revenue for the NSW.
    • Open OEH - OEH is undertaking activities to assist staff in the proactive release of open data, increase public participation and collaborate with our partners for Open Government including:
      • A proactive release framework and supporting tools including Data release guidelines.
      • An Open Data Portal - Due for release in early 2016 the Open Data Portal is an extension of OEH’s long term commitment and innovation in the area of information access. The Open Data Portal will be able to automatically push metadata to data.nsw.gov.au (NSW metadata portal), opengov.nsw.gov.au (NSW publications portal) and ANDS.
      • Embedding Creative Commons licencing - Open OEH has implemented the Ausgoal framework (Creative Commons licencing) to the Open Data Portal (95% of datasets available to the public), all public documents (post June 2015) and the OEH website.
      • Increasing public participation - OEH are using online methods to engage including applications like Nature Near that allow users to add sites, and rate and share them through social media.
      • Open Governance Framework - This framework will provide drivers, policies, rules and tools for Open Government in OEH. A pioneer program has also been developed to identify and train key staff who can help determine barriers and enablers for Open Government for the executive to consider. Authorisation levels are also being reviewed to devolve responsibilities to Managers, cut down internal red tape and speed up approval for the release of open data.
      • Working closely with Councils to co-design and co-deliver resource management programs such as the coastal reforms project.

If you would like your Open Government initiative added to this list, please comment below or let me know Amelia 0411960585 amelia@engage2.com.au.