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Engagement update - 22 March

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23rd March 2016

We now have 70 suggested actions for how to Open Government in Australia on the wiki. Have you made your suggestion yet? Submissions close at 5pm on the 31st March. Save the date! Everyone who suggests an action will be invited to help co-create the National Action Plan (NAP) in Canberra for a day long workshop on the 11th April with Federal Government staff from the agencies most likely to lead actions. I will be in touch with those of you who have suggested an action with more information. We know this time frame is tight but it is necessary for us to meet Cabinet and OGP timelines. Need help? This how to Suggest an Action document provides some tips. It’s an easy process to navigate; it took me 10 minutes to add two suggestions of my own this morning. Please get in touch if you’d like any support. In my last update I mentioned I was going to Canberra to work with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to discuss themes and drafting on the wiki. We grouped all actions provided to date into the following themes:

We have added actions as discussion points so you can now comment on each action suggested. Toby and the Open Government team at PM&C have been discussing these themes with agencies who could lead delivery of a commitment in that area. Many have also expressed excitement about the actions suggested and several are keen to get involved. PM&C are now working with these agencies to prepare them for the 11th April workshop.

Some questions that emerged during engagement last week

  • After the current awareness raising and crowd sourcing stage, what is the process for co-creating the National Action Plan going to look like?
  • How will the Government deal with actions that are suggested outside of the Grand Challenges?
  • What happened to the proposed teleconference?
  • How will we prioritise actions and turn them into 5-15 commitments?

Responses to your questions Cocreation - The National Action Plan will be cocreated by those suggesting actions, lead agencies and the Prime Minister and Cabinet Open Government team, but whatever we suggest must be agreed to in Cabinet. The workshop in Canberra will be where civil society and representatives from government agencies come together. Everyone who suggests an action will be invited to attend. There can only be 5-15 actions in the action plan. During the workshop agencies will host theme based discussions to shape the OGP NAP commitment templates with you. Grand challenges - The Government has made it clear the two Grand Challenges are their focus, but they are willing to consider other suggestions outside of these areas. At the workshop we will develop commitments for all actions suggested, or groups of actions as we prioritise and cluster them. Toby will share more about Government’s position on this soon. Teleconference - I will be emailing those of you who have suggested an action to invite you to a teleconference on the 29th or 30th March so you can meet others who have suggested actions within the same themes, to discuss similarities, differences and priorities before the 11th April event. Working together to prioritise actions - We need to work together to prioritise suggestions if we are going to help Government narrow them down. I’d like to help you / civil society / us, to start discussing that now before the workshop on the 11th April. There are two ways you can get involved in this process:

  • Comment on actions on the wiki - I will start asking questions discussions about similarities, differences between actions and how they might be grouped or sequenced on the wiki and encourage your involvement.
  • In a theme based teleconference - I will be emailing those of you who have suggested an action to invite you to a teleconference on the 29th or 30th March, to introduce you to others with similar suggestions, so we can discuss your ideas and priorities before the 11th April event.

Actions that you have inspired me to take

Based on your input to date I am now:

  • Encouraging theme based engagement – I will be running teleconferences with those who have suggested actions under a theme. If you have suggested an action, you will receive a separate email from me about this.
  • Encouraging feedback from others on actions – actions have now been themed into groups with each posted as a discussion point on the wiki. We are looking for your thoughts about similarities, differences and opportunities to cluster actions so we can narrow down and prioritise with you at the workshop.
  • Connecting Australians to the working groups and Open Government Partnership Support Unit, Regional Civil Society Coordinator Shreya Basu: shreya.basu@opengovpartnership.org
  • Investigating privacy and consent requirements for publishing stakeholder details – I am still pursing this with PM&C.
  • Researching ongoing engagement forums being used in other Countries to engage stakeholders about Open Government Partnership after action plans are developed. I have discussed my initial thoughts with the Australian Open Government Partnership Networks.

Thanks for reading my update. My next update will be after Easter, and will include the runsheet proposed for the event on the 11th April. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas and ways you might be more involved.