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Stage three: prioritisation and drafting workshop

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
9th April 2016

Submissions for the Australia’s first National Action Plan for Open Government have now closed. You can view and comment on the suggested actions on the wiki. This marks the end of Stage 2 of our engagement process, which was designed to raise awareness and gather suggestions for actions for the National Action Plan. Submissions were open from December and 31st March. We received 210 suggested actions, and from 93 individuals and organisations. The level of investment of those who participated in this process has been really impressive and the insight and experience of participants is evident in the quality of submissions we received. There is considerable passion and commitment to open government from our community. We have now commenced Stage 3 of the process to develop the National Action Plan (NAP) and are working with those who suggested actions to prioritise them and draft the NAP document. Individuals and organisations who suggested an action have now been invited to join agency staff at a co-creation workshop in Canberra this Monday, the 11th April 2016. During this workshop participants will work together to develop the National Action Plan, completing commitment templates provided by the international Open Government Partnership. Representatives from civil society and government agencies will discuss all suggested actions so they can be grouped and prioritised. Two members of the International Open Government Partnership Support Unit will also be at the workshop to lend their support with this process. This week PM&C held their second Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) meeting to discuss actions suggested, existing Open Government initiatives to include in the background section and build upon, and the priorities of government agencies for the NAP in the lead up to the workshop. On Wednesday, this wiki page was updated with the most recent version of the background and methodology sections of the National Action Plan document. A blog update was also sent out by PM&C to share who attended the IDC, what was discussed, and potential commitments that the Agencies have come up with in response to submissions received and from their own research and analysis. During Monday's workshop participants will also hear from the Deputy Secretary of Innovation and Transformation, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and representatives of various Federal Government Departments about how Open Government is being implemented in Australia and government priorities for the NAP. All actions suggestions will be discussed at the workshop on Monday, but the National Action Plan can only include 5-15 commitments. Even if a suggested action is not included in the NAP, if there is group support on Monday to co-create a draft commitment template, PM&C has agreed to brief nominated lead agencies about them after the event. The agenda for this workshop is available here. The opening of this workshop will be live webcast through GoogleHangout from 9:00 – 10:15am so you can see the opening and ask questions of our speakers. Here is the link to the GoogeHangout - a public event anyone can attend online. We will provide you with an update about the outcomes of this process after the workshop next week. Amelia