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Results of the co-creation workshop and ongoing engagement

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
18th April 2016

Last Monday, 11th April 2016, we held the co-creation workshop for Australia's first National Action Plan (NAP) for Open Government. Stakeholders from civil society and Government came together in Canberra to discuss suggest actions, prioritise them and draft commitment templates. It was momentous day. Our agenda was ambitious and the results excellent. We were productive because of the goodwill and hard work of those in the room. I've had really positive feedback about the workshop from participants in both civil society and government. The team leading development of the NAP at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) have are pleased with the event, participation and the outputs generated. Participants in the co-creation workshop Everyone who provided a suggested action was invited to attend the workshop. Participants included:

  • 36 from Civil Society - NGO's and individuals who had suggested Open Gov actions
  • 4 from PM&C including the Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Transformation
  • 15 from Federal Government agencies including: Digital Transformation Office; Department of Finance; National Archives; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
  • 1 from the Assistant Minister Taylor's Office
  • The Information Commissioner from NSW
  • 2 from the International Open Government Partnership Support Unit
  • 2 from State Governments
  • 2 from engage2 to facilitate and manage the process

Prioritisation of actions and development of commitment templates Participants at the workshop discussed the 210 actions suggested by civil society and those suggested by agencies through the InterDepartmental Committee (IDC). Actions were grouped into 18 proposals which were then prioritised by participants and turned into 14 commitment templates. The agenda, outputs of the workshop and details of attendees are available on this page of the wiki. What happens next? The proposals, priorities and commitment templates that came out of the workshop have now been taken by PM&C to executives in agencies nominated to lead their delivery. Only 5-15 commitments will be included in the NAP and these will be decided by Cabinet, who must sign off on the NAP before it is submitted to the OGP in July. See the most recent draft of the National Action Plan on this wiki. Ongoing engagement for OGPAU During the workshop we discussed how Open Government Partnership might be managed in future, captured lessons learned and explored opportunities for ongoing engagement. The notes from this session have been recorded on this page of the wiki, and we would like to invite those of you not in the room to contribute to this discussion. PM&C are using this information to develop a commitment around ongoing engagement and their advice Government about the coordination of OGP delivery. I will also reflect this input in my engagement report. Please provide your thoughts before the 14th May so we can use it in our recommendations. Supporting the delivery of Open Gov across Australia After Monday's workshop, our international guests from the OGP Support Unit and I met with stakeholders working toward driving open government across Australia. The Australian Open Government Partnership Network (civil society) also coordinated events in Sydney and Melbourne. We discussed ongoing engagement for OGP, how we might raise awareness about Open Government in Australia and the Sub-National OGP program. I would like to acknowledge and thank those of you who participated in this process especially those of you involved in Monday's event. PM&C and I have been really impressed by your contributions, insights and the commitment you have shown to Open Government in Australia. It's been an honour getting to know you all and learning more about your work. Throughout this project I have been capturing what I have learned about Open Government in Australia. This input will also be included in my engagement report in late May.  Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to include. To build upon the goodwill created throughout this project and advance Open Government in Australia I would like to share your contact details with PM&C, the Federal Agencies responsible for OGPAU commitments, teams coordinating Open Government in State Government, and others in Civil Society keen to connect with you on this topic. If you would like to provide consent for any or all of these uses of your personal information, please complete this 2 minute survey so I know who to share your details with. This survey will be open until the 14th May. Amelia

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