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Outcomes from the second meeting of the Interim Working Group

National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018Interim Working Group
19th September 2016

On Tuesday 13 September 2016, the Interim Working Group for Australia’s OGP National Action Plan met for the second time. It was a positive and productive meeting with substantial progress made in shaping commitments for the National Action Plan. Meeting minutes can be accessed/downloaded here: IWG - Meeting 2 - Minutes As always, you can provide your views by commenting on this blogpost or by email to OGP@pmc.gov.au. The Interim Working Group will have a standing item on public comments and feedback until their third meeting. The next meeting of the Interim Working Group will be held on Monday, 19 September 2016. The final papers for the meeting can be accessed/downloaded at the following links: