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Release of the Inaugural Dashboard of Metrics on Public Use of Freedom of Information Access Rights

Access to government information
30th November 2017

Australian Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen have released the inaugural dashboard of metrics on public use of freedom of information (FOI) access rights.

The metrics are the first of their kind and will enable the community to examine the performance of their local FOI laws and to advocate accordingly, as well as improving community understanding of how FOI laws work and how to access them.

View the dashboard of FOI metrics here.

The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) has led the development of the metrics on behalf of and with the involvement of the Commonwealth, state and territory Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen within the remit of their jurisdictions (the Australian Association of Information Access Commissioners – AIAC).

The metrics reflect the currently available data that is reasonably comparable across jurisdictions and the priorities agreed in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan, to develop uniform metrics on public use of FOI access rights (Commitment 3.2) to promote the importance of better measuring and improving our understanding of the public’s use of rights under freedom of information laws.

There has also been broad consultation with civil society representatives and the general public. Generally respondents were supportive of the metrics, with suggested additional metrics such as applicant satisfaction with redaction, and fees and charges, withdrawal rates and reasons for refusal. A description of the metrics and summary of the consultation feedback has also been published and this feedback is being considered in the further development of the metrics.

View the metrics statement here.

View the summary of consultation feedback here.

The inaugural dashboard covers data from 2014-15 and 2015-16, including:

  • count of formal applications by type of applicant
  • formal applications received per capita
  • percentage of decisions on formal applications where access was granted in full or part
  • percentage of all decisions made on formal applications where access was refused in full
  • percentage of all decisions made within the statutory timeframes
  • percentage of applications received which are reviewed by the jurisdiction’s Information Commissioner/Ombudsman

Background on the individual metrics and important caveats on the data are available here.

Some jurisdictions have moved from a reactive or “pull model” of information release to a proactive or “push model”. The push model requires agencies to proactively push information out to the community, as much as possible, with the goal of making formal applications a last resort. This difference may be reflected in the national dataset dashboard.

The dashboard will be updated each year once all jurisdiction data has been reported.



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