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New report on combatting corruption in mining approvals

Open Government ForumNational Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018
15th May 2018

Transparency International’s report, Combatting corruption in mining approvals: assessing the risks in 18 resource-rich countries, is the first of its kind to examine government decision-making about whether, where and under what conditions to allow exploration and mining. The report showcases real-world examples from Australia to Zimbabwe to shed light on the vulnerabilities in these decision-making processes that can open the door to corruption. The report draws on research in 18 countries assessing the law, institutions and practice in the political and administrative context, the framework for awarding mineral rights, environmental impact assessment and approvals and community engagement and consent processes. The research was conducted as part of the global Mining for Sustainable Development programme - led Transparency International Australia – which aims to enhance transparency, accountability and civic participation in mining approval decisions so that these decisions benefit the citizens of resource-rich countries.




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