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This National Action Plan consists of an ambitious package of 15 commitments. Taken together, these actions will advance transparency, accountability, public participation and technological innovation in Australia over the next two years.

The Government will continue to engage publicly to identify new opportunities to promote open government, including through a new ongoing multi-stakeholder forum (commitment 5.1). New commitments may be considered by the multi-stakeholder forum and potentially added to this National Action Plan, or considered for potential inclusion in our second National Action Plan due in 2018.

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i. Transparency and accountability in business

1.1 - Improve whistle-blower protections in the tax and corporate sectors

1.2 - Beneficial ownership transparency

1.3 - Extractive industries transparency

1.4 - Combating corporate crime

ii. Open data and digital transformation

2.1 - Release high-value datasets and enable data-driven innovation

2.2 - Build and maintain public trust to address concerns about data sharing and release

2.3 - Digitally transform the delivery of government services

iii. Access to government information

3.1 - Information management and access laws for the 21st century

3.2 - Understand the use of freedom of information

3.3 - Improve the discoverability and accessibility of government data

iv. Integrity in the public sector

4.1 - Confidence in the electoral system and political parties

4.2 - National Integrity Framework

4.3 - Open contracting

v. Public participation and engagement

5.1 - Delivery of Australia's Open Government National Action Plan

5.2 - Enhance public participation in government decision making