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Next steps

The Government’s focus is now on implementing all of the commitments in this Plan. This includes, as a priority, establishing mechanisms for an ongoing dialogue with civil society (including the multi-stakeholder forum), as well as reporting and accountability arrangements.

In 2017, our focus will also turn to delivering the Government’s first OGP self-assessment report. We will also start the process for developing our second National Action Plan, which will build and improve on the process for this Plan, including engagement with state, territory and local governments.

The commitments in this Plan are just the start. Our second National Action Plan is due in 2018 and we will be working with civil society to identify further commitments for reform.

A range of ideas have already been submitted by civil society through the public consultation on the draft National Action Plan (all published online), such as:

  • Improving transparency of beneficial ownership information for entities other than companies

  • Improving disclosure of extractive industry company payments to governments overseas (such as mandatory payment disclosure laws)

  • How data can be used to promote greater transparency and accountability in government (e.g. publishing ABN/ACN information for certain datasets)

  • Improving access to government information for people with a disability

  • Continuing efforts on improving transparency of Australia’s international aid and development program

  • Improvements to Parliamentary scrutiny processes

We look forward to hearing even more new and innovative ideas from civil society as we work together to develop and prioritise commitments for our next National Action Plan.