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Australia's Third National Action Plan 2020-22

17 April 2020

Last week the Co-chairs of the Open Government Forum agreed that Australia would seek an extension from the Open Government Partnership Global Secretariat to submit NAP 3 later in the year, rather than by 31 August 2020, in line with the provisions set out in the Criteria and Standards Subcommittee – Coronavirus Resolution.

This is due to the necessary focus of all Government agencies, departments and employees to deliver the Government’s critical functions, services and needs to Australians, and to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

An extension will allow us to briefly pause the current process for an period of six to eight weeks - to hopefully see us through the peak of this crisis - and then re-focus on the NAP 3 cycle, without losing traction.

We thank you all for your contributions to date and will post advice on this website once the date to resume the process has been settled.

Australia is in the process of developing its third National Action Plan 2020-22 (NAP3). National Action Plans are jointly developed by Government and Civil Society to help make Governments more transparent, accountable and publicly engaged.

NAP3 is due by 31 August and will cover the period until August 2022. An overview of the process and the key reporting milestones is provided below. You can find further details of the NAP3 development methodology in the papers and minutes of recently held Forum meetings.

Phase 1a (Awareness Raising & Initieal Ideas) has been completed, and Phase 2a (Ideation Period) is almost completed. There will be further opportunities for you to get involved and have your say, so keep an eye on this space.

If you are interested in more ways to increase participation, transparency and accountability in Government – we encourage you to get involved!

Find out more about consultations for previous National Action Plans.

NOV - DEC 2019

Phase 1a - Awareness Raising & Initial Ideas

This Forum undertook awareness raising activities and sought initial ideas from the public during November and December 2019.

Input from this phase will inform the 'Themes' and 'Sub-Themes' to focus on during the 'Create' Phase.

FEB - JUN 2020

Phase 2a - Ideation Period

The Forum will be seeking ideas for commitments - based around the 'Themes' and 'Sub-Themes' idenfitied in Phase 1a.

This will be done via an interactive online platform and through five face-to-face (ideation) workshops, held at key locations around the country.

Phase 2b - Deliberation & Drafting

This phase will involve taking the ideas received during Phase 2a, and refining them into workabke concepts.

The Forum will then set up working groups to turn these concepts into draft commitments which will be published online for further comment.

Phase 2c - Consultation on draft Plan

A final round of public engagement (face-to-face workshops and online platforms) to receive feedback on the draft plan.

JUL - AUG 2020

Phase 2d - Final Drafting

Based on the feed back from Phase 2c, the Forum will then prepare a Final Draft Plan for the Government's approval.

Final Plan due to OGP Global

31 August 2020.