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1.3 - Extractive industries transparency

Overall status:

This commitment  will advance the OGP values of access to information and public accountability by:

  • providing timely, reliable, publicly available and independently verified data on the extractives industries’ contribution to the Australian economy
  • encouraging EITI adoption in resource-rich countries and support a level playing field for Australian companies seeking to invest in those markets
  • demonstrating Australia’s commitment to global transparency, anti-corruption and tackling tax avoidance; consistent with current domestic and international trends; and
  • supporting the extractive industries’ social licence to operate, demonstrating its commitment to transparent and accountable operations.

Current status

  • A Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) was established on 23 November 2016 to oversee the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) process in Australia. The MSG is a requirement of the EITI Standard.
  • The MSG at its third meeting on 22 November 2017 undertook to review of the requirements of the 2016 EITI Standard against the Australian adapted model developed by the Australian 2014 EITI pilot. The work will underpin the development of a detailed work plan supporting Australia's EITI candidacy application. Following the meeting:
    • The Technical Working Group, which is chaired by a civil society representative, has commenced engagement on issues surrounding implementation of the 2016 EITI Standard in relation to Project Level Reporting.
    • A Beneficial Ownership Working Group has been established and is chaired by an industry representative.
    • Both working groups were tasked by the MSG to identify options for implementing the 2016 EITI Standard consistent with Australia’s legislative and policy frameworks. The Groups are to report to the MSG.
    • The MSG agreed that the future activities of the Communications Working Group is to be examined and that the Administrator Procurement Working Group be put on hold until such time as the MSG had finalised its candidacy application.
  • In January 2018 the MSG sought clarification/direction from the EITI International Secretariat on a number of matters, a response is yet to be received.
  • The EITI International Board met in Oslo, Norway 12-14 February 2018.  The next Board meeting will take place from 28-29 June 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Other stakeholders

Government: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Taxation Office, Department of the Treasury, state and territory governments.

Non-Government: Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) with 21 voting members representing governments, the extractive industry and civil society organisations.

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Implementation Period Status

Establishment of the Australian EITI Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG)

Nov 2016 Completed

Australia to apply for EITI Candidate Country status

Mar-June 2017 Delayed

Australia to publish first EITI report.

18 months after obtaining EITI Candidate Country status Not yet commenced

Status updates for commitments are provided approximately every two months. With each update, agencies are encouraged to provide further and better particulars of the commitment and its steps to implementation, which may result in changes to timelines outlined in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18.

Last updated: 06/04/2018

James Stewart

I am one of many Australian mining industry professionals with experience and evidence of failures by Australian organisations failures to be transparent or to correct, or even respond, when such errors are explained to responsible officers, including company secretaries and directors.

How can we initiate any EITI complaint handling process? From reading this and related web sites, there does not appear to be such a process.

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