Open Government Partnership – Australia

2.3 - Government digital transformation

Overall status:

The Australian Government is committed to digital transformation of government services. This commitment will mean Australia continues to invest in digital technologies. This will make government services simpler, faster and cheaper. Better services will make it easier for the public to work and interact with government. This work aligns with broader whole-of-government reform agendas including:

  • contestability reform;

  • shared services reform; and

  • public management reform.

This commitment will advance OGP values of technology and innovation and transparency by:

  • increasing public access to government services;

  • making government services more efficient and cheaper; and

  • increasing transparency around performance of government services.

The Digital Transformation Agency has committed to delivering four key projects in support of this commitment:

  • A Digital Transformation Roadmap;

  • Individual Agency Roadmaps;

  • A Digital Marketplace; and

  • A Public Dashboard to improve transparency around the performance of government services.

Current status

The Whole-of-Government Digital Transformation Roadmap was delivered in December 2016. The DTA has also released beta versions of both the Digital Marketplace and the Performance Dashboard. This completes the commitment to release a Beta version of the marketplace.

The DTA is currently on track to support agencies in the creation of sector wide roadmaps, which will augment the work already completed on the whole-of-government roadmap.

Further work is needed to bring the Marketplace and Dashboard services from Beta to Live. The DTA will keep the OGP up to date on these initiatives.


Digital Transformation Agency


Other stakeholders

Government: Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, all other Commonwealth Departments.

Non-government: Non-government organisations (including Australian Open Government Partnership Network), private sector.

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Status

Deliver a whole-of-government digital transformation roadmap. The Roadmap was released in December 2016.


Release agency-level digital transformation roadmaps.

The DTA is currently supporting agencies in the creation of sector wide roadmaps.

The first of these sector roadmaps is the Business Sector Roadmap being done in collaboration with DIIS and in line with the National Business Simplification Initiative. Resources are increasingly coming online for this work.


Release and promote a beta version of the Digital Marketplace for ICT procurement.

The Digital Marketplace is currently online in Public Beta. It opened in August 2016 with a limited number of product categories for sellers and buyers. In February 2017, the marketplace opened to an unlimited number of sellers in an increased number of categories.

The DTA continues to promote the Marketplace.


Release and promote a live dashboard measuring the performance of government services, with user satisfaction being one of the key performance indicators.

The Performance Dashboard is currently online in Public Beta. It hosts 7 services and tracks a range of measures including user satisfaction, digital take-up, completion rate and cost per transaction.

The DTA continues to seek additional services for the Performance Dashboard.

Last updated: 24/07/2017

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