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4.3 - Open contracting

Overall status:

This commitment is to review the Government’s compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard.

The Open Contracting Data Standard sets out key documents and data that should be published at each stage of government procurement. The Standard enables disclosure of data and documents at all stages of the contracting process by defining a common data model. It was created to support organisations to increase contracting transparency, and allow deeper analysis of contracting data by a wide range of users.

In line with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, Australian Government entities are required to report all procurement contracts with a value of $10,000 or more on AusTender. However, there has not been a formal assessment of the extent to which current practice meets the requirements of the Open Contracting Data Standard.

Current status

The Department of Finance engaged an independent service provider to undertake the review of the Government’s compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard. The review has been completed, and in line with the guidance for agencies in implementing OGP commitments, the report was released for public comment via the Australian Government Procurement Coordinator’s blog on 19 July 2017. Public consultation closed on Thursday 10 August 2017.

The Department of Finance is consolidating feedback received during the public comment process, and is reporting to Government the review outcome, as well as any potential improvement measures for implementation.

Once the review outcomes and any potential improvement measures have been considered by Government, Finance will publish the response to this commitment and liaise with parties who provided input into the review.

Other stakeholders

Government: All Australian Government entities.

Non-Government: Transparency International Australia and Publish What You Pay

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Implementation Period Status

Undertake review of compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard.

Feb-Apr 2017 Completed

Publish review and receive public comment on the review.

May-Jun 2017 Completed but delayed

Implement measures to improve compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard (if required).

Jun-Aug 2017 Delayed

Status updates for commitments are provided approximately every two months. With each update, agencies are encouraged to provide further and better particulars of the commitment and its steps to implementation, which may result in changes to timelines outlined in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18.

Last updated: 20/12/2017

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