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How might we improve access to government?

Australia has always been an early adopter of new technologies and innovative practices and this trend is not slowing down as we enter the 2020s. More and more our day-to-day lives are organised around digital technologies and devices that help us to communicate, organise, work and play. To date, as part of OGP National Action Plans, we have delivered a range of initiatives that have helped to leverage innovation and technology to improve openness and citizen’s experience in dealing with government. 

•    As part of NAP1, we delivered a whole of government digital transformation roadmap and live public dashboards measuring the performance of government services. 
•    As part of NAP2, Commonwealth Data Sharing Principles were released and National Data Advisory Council established.

While new technologies and innovative practices can open new ways of accessing Government information and services, we understand it can also be challenging knowing how and where to access this information in the first place.  

We are now seeking your views on what type of commitments could be included in Australia’s third National Action Plan 2020-22.

We are looking for specific ideas, and encourage you to consider the following when submitting your ideas:

•    What is the idea (is it a policy, a new service or new technology or something else)?
•    What problem does the idea solve and/or what opportunity does it seize?
•    What are the benefits of this idea (for example – does it help government be more accountable, transparent and accessible to the public)?
•    Who will deliver it, and how might the broader public be involved in this idea?

If you need some prompters, pleae refer to the design questions that are being used to help genreate ideas. Post your ideas below!


•    Challenge opens – 10 Feb 2020 and closes on 1 March 2020.
•    Ideas will then be considered by the Open Government Forum (offline), who will develop a shortlist of Draft Concepts for further public comment (March 2020).
•    Draft Concepts will be further refined by Working Groups (offline) during April 2020 and turned into Draft Commitments.
•    Draft commitments will be presented here for final feedback and challenge closes (May 2020). 

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Trust in democracy is low. Voters believe politicians are not accountable, ignore issues that really matter and do the bidding of vested interests.


Access to the GOV is limited to the average Australian. Government should run workshops/webinars demonstrating on “how to access” the different agencies and federal GOVT information.

In 2003 the European Union passed the Public Sector Information (PSI) directive. The core idea behind PSI is that all information/data created with public money should be publicly available by default. In practice this means a reversal of the current information access situation in Australia so that government agencies have to justify why information/data should NOT be released.