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Public Participation

How might we make government more participative? 

As a free, democratic nation Australia has a proud history of citizens engaging to help influence politics and public policy decisions for the greater good. To date, as part of OGP National Action Plans, we have delivered a range of initiatives to help make government more responsive to the needs of its citizens. For example

•    In NAP1, we delivered an Australian Public Service-wide Framework for citizen engagement and participation that has helped the Australian Government better engage with citizens, community and business by providing agencies practical advice on principles, standards and ways of engaging.  
•    In NAP2, we boosted the Australian Government’s public engagement and deliberation capabilities through the development of two best-practice publications on Deliberation and Informed Participation.

We understand people want to see more opportunities for meaningful public engagement in policy development and decision-making processes, and are seeking your views on what type of commitments could be included in Australia’s third National Action Plan 2020-22.

We are looking for specific ideas, and encourage you to consider the following when submitting your ideas:

•    What is the idea (is it a policy, a new service or new technology or something else)?
•    What problem does the idea solve and/or what opportunity does it seize?
•    What are the benefits of this idea (for example – does it help government be more accountable, transparent and accessible to the public)?
•    Who will deliver it, and how might the broader public be involved in this idea?

If you need some prompters, pleae refer to the design questions that are being used to help genreate ideas. Post your ideas below! 


•    Challenge opens – 10 Feb 2020 and closes on 1 March 2020.
•    Ideas will then be considered by the Open Government Forum (offline), who will develop a shortlist of Draft Concepts for further public comment (March 2020).
•    Draft Concepts will be further refined by Working Groups (offline) during April 2020 and turned into Draft Commitments.
•    Draft commitments will be presented here for final feedback and challenge closes (May 2020).

6 ideas submitted!
Submissions for new ideas have now closed

The words and manner in which Politicians use words to speak in Parliament is utterly disrespectful and there needs to be accountability. Leaders are to lead and demonstrate those they lead. If children spoke in the manner of what goes on in Parliament there would be consequences and yet our leaders fling words of personal attack on each other in Parliament every day.

Inclusion of proactive actions taken to close the loop after public engagement.

Far too much passes through our parliaments based on parties having numbers to push their agenda, or the agenda of someone they want support from.

This is seldom likely to be good for the country.

So many people have complained to me over the years about something a government is or is not doing. I say to them "have you written to a politician about this matter"?

Make engagement easily and satisfactorily practical and possible to all communities.

1. A great deal of insight, data, and skill is held by the community considered as a whole. Therein lies a vast untapped resource which may be usefully engaged.

Idea (Summary):

•    What is the idea (is it a policy, a new service or new technology or something else)?

The country is being ground down by pessimism and excessive attention to negative risk.

Our standing in global innovation rankings has tracked downwards in line with our optimism as a nation.

Opportunity is lost.

Public participation in politics has been reduced with the 24/7 negativity of political discourse and news coverage.