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Phase 2a - Ideation Period

The Ideation Period (Phase 2a) took place during February 2020. This phase involved engaging the public to seek ideas for potential commitments through the following mechanisms:

Six face-to-face workshops being held throughout February at key locations around the country. The raw outputs (photos and scans of post-it notes and ideas) from each session are available on each link:

A further two workshops were held by the Accountability Round Table in Melbourne (12/2) and Brisbane (25/02)

A total of 19 ideas were submitted to the Online Engagement Space and over 70 people attended the face-to-face workshops.

All of the submissions to the Online Engagement Space as well as the outputs from the workshops have been compiled together in a Raw Data Register (available below). You can also find the outputs from each individual workshop in the workshop links above. 

The raw data is currently being sorted and consolidated into a series of ‘concepts’ (the starting point for potential new commitments), which will be form part of the Create Phase Report. These will be published here for further comment once they have been agreed to by the Open Government Forum.