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Outcomes from the first meeting of the Interim Working Group

On Monday 5 September, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet convened the first meeting of the Interim Working Group for Australia’s OGP National Action Plan. Meeting minutes can be accessed/downloaded here: Meeting 1 - 5 Sept - Minutes Potential commitments for inclusion in the National Action Plan Members agreed to further explore the following list of potential commitments in detail at future meetings:

  • Work towards compliance with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
  • Explore options for a beneficial ownership register for companies.
  • Improve whistle-blowers protections in the corporate sector, noting the Government’s commitment to improve protections for whistle-blowers who report tax misconduct to the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Assess Australia’s compliance with the Open Contracting Data Standard.
  • Improve the availability and use of public data.
  • Establish metrics to assess public utilisation of information access rights.
  • Create, manage and preserve informational digitally to support transparency, accountability and citizen engagement.
  • Improve disclosure of grants information.
  • Explore options to improve public participation and engagement in Commonwealth policy development and decision-making.
  • Establish a permanent mechanism for OGP consultation during implementation of the National Action Plan.
  • Support government agencies to digitally transform high volume services

Members also agreed to discuss the feasibility and details of the following proposals raised by civil society members:

  • Enhancing the National Integrity System, including matters such as an upgrade of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity into an Australian Integrity Commission, bringing the regulation of political campaign funding up to international better practice, and supporting integrity reforms by the Houses of Parliament.
  • Review and reforming access to information laws and practices.

We encourage you to comment on and share this list with your networks. The Interim Working Group will have a standing item on public comments and feedback until their third meeting.  As always, you can provide your views by commenting on this blogpost or by email to Timeframes for consultation and public engagement The Interim Working Group will facilitate further broader consultation to seek views from the public and to inform their work as they co-draft and finalise the draft National Action Plan. Make sure to keep an eye out on this blog for information over the coming weeks. Phase 1: commitments

  • 9 - 19 September: Publish list of potential commitments the IWG has agreed to further explore and invite public comments.
  • 13 September: Second IWG Meeting:
    • Update from consultation and public comments received.
    • Commence discussion on feasibility and scope of commitments.
  • 16 September: Meeting of the OGP Inter-Departmental Committee.
  • 19 September: Third IWG Meeting:
    • Continue discussion on merit and scope of commitments.
    • Discuss the text of the draft National Action Plan.
    • Update from consultation and public comments received.

Phase 2: draft National Action Plan

  • Late September - early October: Publish draft National Action Plan for public comment and circulate to government agencies and relevant OGP Working Groups for comment.
  • 7 October: IWG Workshop event:
    • Discuss feedback on the draft National Action Plan.
    • Confirm text of the draft National Action Plan.
    • Record areas of dissent/contention.
  • Mid to late October: Australian Government to consider the National Action Plan.
  • By 1 November: Submit the National Action Plan to the Open Government Partnership.