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2.3 - Digitally transform the delivery of government services

We will continue to invest in digital technologies to make government services simpler, faster and cheaper.

Australia will harness digital technologies to make it easier for the public to work and interact with government.

Status Quo
The Digital Transformation Agency is an executive agency within the Prime Minister’s portfolio. Its mission is to lead the transformation of government services to deliver a better experience for Australians.

Innovative use of digital technologies supports the open government agenda, through the provision of faster, cheaper and more accessible government services. While some progress has been made, there is an opportunity to seize the benefits of the digital revolution to improve the way government interacts with the public.

The Digital Transformation Agency will work with government agencies to deliver a roadmap for the digital transformation of government services and will use public dashboards to measure its performance, which will be benchmarked against best practice in the private sector.

To use digital technologies to promote transparency and public participation in government service delivery, engaging early and often with users throughout, so that government services meet the needs of the people who use them.

This commitment will advance the OGP values of technology and innovation and transparency by:

  • increasing public access to government services;
  • making government services more efficient and cheaper; and
  • increasing transparency around performance of government service delivery.

OGP Grand Challenge

  • Improving Public Services

December 2016 – Ongoing

Lead agency
Digital Transformation Agency

Other actors involved
Government:The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Non-government: N/A


  1. Deliver a whole-of-government digital transformation roadmap.
    • November 2016 - Early 2017
  2. Release agency-level digital transformation roadmaps.
    • Early - Late 2017
  3. Release a live version of the Digital Marketplace for ICT procurement following public consultation on the beta version.
    • August 2016 - Ongoing
  4. Release and promote a live dashboard measuring the performance of government services.
    • July 2016 - Ongoing