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2.1 - Release high-value datasets and enable data-driven innovation


2.1 - Release high-value datasets and enable data-driven innovation

Australia will continue to make more public data openly available and supports its use to launch commercial and non-profit ventures, conduct research, make data-driven decisions and solve complex problems.

By developing an open dialogue with the research, not-for-profit and private sectors to identify the characteristics of high-value public datasets, and to promote innovative use of data to drive social and economic outcomes.

This commitment will advance the OGP values of access to information, technology and innovation and public participation by:

  • identifying and prioritising high-value datasets for priority release
  • understanding how Australian businesses and not-for-profits are using public data
  • stimulating use and re-use of public data to create social value
  • providing access to and encouraging the use of public data
  • identifying and addressing barriers impeding the sharing of and access to data; and
  • fostering a dialogue on how public data can be made more useful.

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Period Status

Consultation to assess barriers to using data, identify the characteristics of ‘high-value’ data and help inform the development of the High-Value Dataset Framework, including:

  1. Roundtable discussions with the research, private and not-for-profit sectors.
Dec 2016-Apr 2017 Completed
  1. Undertake the second round of the Open Data 500.
Jan-Jul 2017 Completed
  1. Broader public consultation through surveys, social media and blog posts.
Oct 2017 Completed
  1. Undertake regular meetings of the Government Open Data Community Forum for public servants from federal, state and territory, and local government to share experience and discuss their ongoing open data work.
Ongoing On-track

Identify and release high-value data:

  1. Develop the High-Value Dataset Framework (informed by public consultation).
Apr-Dec 2017 Delayed
  1. Develop and release a public registry of significant non sensitive datasets yet to be published on
Dec 2017-Jul 2018 Not yet commenced
  1. Release non-sensitive data by default, with a focus on releasing high-value datasets.
Ongoing On-track

Stimulate innovative use and re-use of public data:

  1. Review and publicise the outcomes from the pilot DataStart initiative.
Early 2017 Completed
  1. Expand the DataStart initiative.
Jul 2017-Jul 2018 Completed
  1. Provide support and mentoring at GovHack events.
Ongoing On-track

Status updates for commitments are provided approximately every two months. With each update, agencies are encouraged to provide further and better particulars of the commitment and its steps to implementation, which may result in changes to timelines outlined in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18.

Updated date: 10 July 2020