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2.3 - Digitally transform the delivery of government services


2.3 - Digitally transform the delivery of government services

The Government is committed to digital transformation of government services. This commitment will mean Australia continues to invest in digital technologies. This will make government services simpler, faster and cheaper. Better services will make it easier for the public to work and interact with Government.

This commitment will advance OGP values of technology and innovation and transparency by:

  • increasing public access to government services;
  • making government services more efficient and cheaper; and
  • Increasing transparency around performance of government services.

The Digital Transformation Agency has committed to delivering four key projects in support of this commitment:

  • A Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Individual Sector Roadmaps
  • A Digital Marketplace; and
  • A Public Dashboard to improve transparency around the performance of government services.

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Period Status

Release and promote a beta version of the Digital Marketplace for ICT procurement.

Aug 2016 Completed

Release and promote a live dashboard measuring the performance of government services, with user satisfaction being one of the key performance indicators.

Oct 2016 Completed

Deliver a whole-of-government digital transformation roadmap.

Dec 2016 Completed

Release sector-wide digital transformation roadmaps.

The original milestone referred to 'agency-level digital transformation roadmaps'. With the Open Government Forum's agreement, this was amended to 'sector-wide' roadmaps, which better augments work already completed on the whole-of-government roadmap identified in the previous milestone.

June 2018 Completed

Status updates for commitments are provided approximately every two months. With each update, agencies are encouraged to provide further and better particulars of the commitment and its steps to implementation, which may result in changes to timelines outlined in Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18.

Updated date: 10 July 2020