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Strengthen the national anti-corruption framework


Strengthen the national anti-corruption framework

Lead implementing agency/actor

Attorney-General’s Department


What is the public problem that the commitment will address?

The frameworks, laws and reporting channels that make up the dispersed and multi-faceted national anti-corruption framework are not well understood. The 2017 Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission recommended the current system be strengthened to make it more ‘coherent, comprehensible and accessible’ and give ‘careful consideration to establishing a Commonwealth agency with broad scope and jurisdiction to address integrity and corruption matters’.

The Government is committed to addressing corruption wherever it occurs, and to increasing public awareness of and confidence in our systems to prevent, detect and combat corruption.

There is concern from some sectors and civil society representatives that corruption in the public sector is not being adequately addressed. A number of submissions throughout the public consultation process for the second National Action Plan called for the establishment of a national integrity body.

There may be opportunities to strengthen the existing framework to ensure it functions more effectively and more cohesively, to better communicate the functions and agencies that make up the national anti-corruption framework, and/or improve trust and confidence in the framework.

What is the commitment?

The Government will continue to consider and assess all options for strengthening the national anti-corruption framework to:

  • ensure that sectors and activities vulnerable to corruption are covered;
  • improve the framework’s coherence, effectiveness and functioning; and
  • better communicate the framework.

We will do this by analysing the coverage afforded at present by relevant government departments, agencies and other bodies and identifying any significant gaps in their jurisdiction, functions and resources. Our intention will be to continue to ensure the national anti-corruption framework is comprehensive, cohesive and effective.

How will the commitment contribute to solve the public problem?

This commitment will involve the Government continuing to review the national integrity framework and assess all options to ensure public sector accountability and anti-corruption mechanisms are integrated, cohesive, effective and accessible.

Why is this commitment relevant to OGP values?

This commitment will advance the OGP values of transparency and public accountability by:

  • improving the transparency and accessibility of information on anti-corruption policies and practices; and
  • enhancing anti-corruption and public accountability mechanisms.

Additional information

The Government will consider available research and information, including the Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP160100267 (2016-2019) Strengthening Australia's national integrity system: priorities for reform being led by Griffith University, Transparency International Australia and others.

Steps to implementation

Implementation Step Period Status

Government response to the Report of the Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission

Q3 2018 - Q4 2018 Completed but delayed

Civic engagement in ongoing review of the national integrity framework

Q3 2018 - Q4 2018 Delayed

Implement Government response to the Report of the Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission and any other outcomes of ongoing review of the national integrity framework

Q4 2018 - Q2 2020 Delayed
Updated date: 07 August 2020