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Final consultations for our next National Action Plan now open!

Our next Open Government Partnership National Action Plan is about making government more transparent, accountable and engaging.

In the first phase of consultations in February-March, we heard your ideas about prospective themes and commitments for the next Plan. The Open Government Forum then considered, developed and refined these ideas its meetings in April, May, and June.

Now, in this second and final phase of consultations from 25 June-8 July, we’ve released a draft Plan for comment:

There are a few ways to have your say:

To participate online, you’ll have to register for an account. You can then have your say by leaving a comment on any commitment above, responding to comments of other participants, or voting on comments on each of the proposed commitments. If you wish to make a longer submission, you can email us at and we’ll publish it under the most relevant proposed commitment.

You can also attend a face-to-face consultation:

Following the consultations, the Open Government Forum will meet again in July to consider all feedback received and make a final recommendation to Government on the content of Australia’s second Open Government National Action Plan 2018-20.

If you value transparency, accountability and public engagement – we encourage you to get involved!