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Release of the Inaugural Dashboard of Metrics on Public Use of Freedom of Information Access Rights

30 November 2017

Australian Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen have released the inaugural dashboard of metrics on public use of freedom of information (FOI) access rights.

Outcomes from the Open Government Forum Meeting of 19 October 2017

24 October 2017

The Open Government Forum met on Thursday 19 October 2017 in Canberra.

Open Government Forum Meeting – 19 October 2017

16 April 2019

The Open Government Forum will meet in Canberra next Thursday 19 October, to discuss a number of issues, including its workplan and the process of developing Australia’s next Open Government National Action Plan.

Midterm Self-Assessment Report for Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18

26 September 2017

On Fri 22 September, the Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann approved the Midterm Self-Assessment Report for Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18 (MSA Report).

Australia’s first Midterm Self-Assessment Report: Have your say by 17 September, 2017

04 September 2017

All Open Government Partnership countries are required to produce yearly Self-Assessment Reports in consultation with civil society. These reports ensure accountability and track progress towards realising Open Government commitments.

Are we opening up government? Have your say!

15 August 2017

All countries which have signed up to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) are required to engage in the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) process.

Outcomes from Australia's First Open Government Forum Meeting of 28 July 2017

07 August 2017

Australia's first Open Government Forum convened for its inaugural meeting on Friday 28 July 2017.

First Meeting of Australia's Open Government Forum

21 July 2017

The first meeting of Australia’s Open Government Forum will take place on 28 July 2017. For further information please see the agenda and papers below.

Members of the Forum are listed below, including biographical details.

Open Government Forum Members

Have your say on the development of uniform metrics on the use of FOI laws in Australia

20 July 2017

Commitment 3.2 of Australia’s first Open Government Partnership National Action Plan promotes the importance of better measuring and improving our understanding of the public’s use of rights under freedom of information laws.

Outcomes from the Inter-Departmental Committee Meeting of 5 July 2017

13 July 2017

The Inter-Departmental Committee met on Wednesday 5 July 2017 to discuss recent developments including the new guidance for agencies delivering Australia’s Open Government National Action Plan commitments, the establishment of the