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The Open Government Forum, established in July 2017, is a group that allows government and the community to work closely together to monitor and drive implementation of Australia's current Open Government National Action Plan, help develop the next Open Government National Action Plan, and raise awareness about open government. For more information refer to the Terms of Reference.

Meeting Associated documents
26 June 2020 Papers and minutes
5 February 2020 Papers and minutes
22 November 2019 Papers and minutes
09 October 2019 Papers and minutes
16 August 2019 Papers and minutes
20 June 2019 Papers and minutes
14 February 2019 Papers and minutes
12 July 2018 Papers and minutes
14 June 2018 Papers and minutes
12 April 2018 Papers and minutes
22 February 2018 Papers and minutes
7 December 2017 Papers and minutes
19 October 2017 Papers and minutes
28 July 2017 Papers and minutes


Interim Working Group (IWG)

The Interim Working Group, established in August 2016, was comprised of six government and six civil society members. The role of the Interim Working Group was to co-create Australia’s first open government National Action Plan. This group was replaced by the expanded Open Government Forum in July 2017.

Papers and minutes from the Interim Working Group meetings, are available on the National Library Web Archive (Pandora).

Inter-Departmental Committee (IDC)

Inter-departmental committees are meetings comprising government officers responsible for implementing Australia’s Open Government Commitments.

Papers and minutes from the Inter-Departmental Committee meetings, are available on the National Library Web Archive (Pandora).