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Release of the Inaugural Dashboard of Metrics on Public Use of Freedom of Information Access Rights

Australian Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen have released the inaugural dashboard of metrics on public use of freedom of information (FOI) access rights.

The metrics are the first of their kind and will enable the community to examine the performance of their local FOI laws and to advocate accordingly, as well as improving community understanding of how FOI laws work and how to access them.

View the dashboard of FOI metrics here.

OGPAU theme teleconference times

If you have suggested an action for Australian National Action Plan for Open Government you will receive an invite to a teleconference with others whose actions relate to the same theme from me shortly. The purpose of the teleconferences is to compliment the wiki. I thought it would be good to introduce you to each other and discuss actions suggested prior to the closing of submissions on the 31st March. The intent is to increase the lines of communication between you before you meet in person at the event in Canberra on the 11th April.

Engagement update - 22 March

We now have 70 suggested actions for how to Open Government in Australia on the wiki. Have you made your suggestion yet? Submissions close at 5pm on the 31st March. Save the date! Everyone who suggests an action will be invited to help co-create the National Action Plan (NAP) in Canberra for a day long workshop on the 11th April with Federal Government staff from the agencies most likely to lead actions. I will be in touch with those of you who have suggested an action with more information.

Engagement update - 11 March

Thank you to those if you who have suggested an action to date. 60 actions have been suggested and I'm aware of a few more currently being drafted. I have reached out to as many groups and individuals I can find with an interest in Open Government Principles or the OGP Grand Challenges so they can help promote the project, convene discussions and suggest actions. The OGPAU stakeholder list now includes 512 individuals or organisations.

What I'm learning about Open Gov in Australia

I’ve really enjoyed meeting with the teams responsible for Open Government initiatives inside Government across Australia. I have talked at length or met with representatives from QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and WA Government’s but I am still trying to find the best contacts in Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Please get in touch, or put me in touch with anyone interested if you know anyone there.