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National Action Plan 1 - 2016 – 2018

Comment on Australia’s End of Term Self-Assessment Draft Report

The draft End of Term Self-Assessment Report for Australia’s first National Action Plan is now publicly available. The draft Report reflects on the progress made in the two years of National Action Plan 2016-18 toward implementing our first Open Government commitments. As per OGP guidelines, we are seeking your feedback on the draft report for a period of two weeks before it is formally submitted to the Open Government Partnership.

Independent Reporting Mechanism Year 1 Report on Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18

In its Year 1 Report on Australia's first Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18, the Independent Reporting Mechanism has found that: ‘The Australian government made substantial progress in completing several commitments in areas such as combatting corporate crime and steps to improve the discoverability of government data. To increase the ambition of commitments, future action plan development could involve a wider range of interests, and include further steps to enhance awareness and support of open government initiatives within government and in the community generally.’

Australia’s first National Action Plan submitted

The Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann, today announced the finalisation of Australia’s first National Action Plan.

The Plan contains 15 ambitious commitments focused on: transparency and accountability in business; open data and digital transformation; access to government information; integrity in the public sector; and public participation and engagement.

Report on the initial stages of consultation on Australia’s first National Action Plan

Ahead of the upcoming final stage of consultation on Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan, PM&C is releasing engage2’s report on the public consultation undertaken between November 2015 and April 2016. engage2 (a professional stakeholder engagement consultancy) was engaged by PM&C to help design and lead a public consultation process up until April 2016.

Interim Working Group workshop

On Friday 7 October 2016, the Interim Working Group held a workshop at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s offices in Sydney. The Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, the Hon. Angus Taylor MP, attended the morning session and heard from civil society members about their priorities for the open government agenda. Assistant Minister Taylor noted his enthusiasm in seeing the Open Government Partnership operate as a catalyst for action in his areas of responsibility, including the open data agenda and digital transformation of government.


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