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Membership of Australia's next Open Government Forum now finalised

After an extensive selection process, the membership of Australia's next Open Government Forum has now been finalised. Learn more about the composition of the new Forum as well as the Forum's updated Terms of Reference.

Thank you to all those who showed interest and nominated for the Forum. Congratulations and good luck to all our successful candidates in this next, exciting stage of the Forum and the Open Government Partnership.

Nominations for Australia’s next Open Government Forum now open

Nominations are now being sought from individuals to fill civil society positions on Australia’s next Open Government Forum (OGF), for the period 2018-20.  Nominations will remain open until Friday 12 October 2018

We are seeking nominations from members of the public who have an interest in open government, transparency, public engagement, open data, innovation and anti-corruption to fill positions on Australia’s OGF.  

As an OGF member, you will work collectively with other civil society and government Forum members to:  


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